A Dragon Pair (The Paladin Dragons Book 10)


As the Shen try to wage their final violent stand for the earth realm and Paladin, the dragon warriors have something else to worry about. Dr. Daphne Jordan and the discovery she made in the Sierra Nevada… dragon bones. With their secret in jeopardy, the king dispatched the twins, Iarl and Skard to retrieve a long lost brother of the dragon court. Neither expected that the beautiful aerologist would be there to defend her find from anyone trying to steal it. Nor did they expect their dragons to purr in pleasure at her scent and choose her to be their mate. From birth they were connected mind, body and soul, even moving in unison as they fought. This bond would be no less in sharing a mate, if she would have them. The Shen still lurked in the shadows and their king also sees the potential in Daphne, one that could get him what he wants.

Ok so dragons may have existed, that was Daphne’s thought when she first found the bones. The knowledge went from excitement to fear when two fierce red dragons confronted her at her dig site. They chased her away from her find, but that only fueled the fire in her to know more. When she saw them again, the two dragons chased from above, down the beach. Two dragons transformed into very tall, sexy, redheaded males. They told her she was in danger, that she was being hunted. Yet when they looked at her, she felt as if she was the prey. The twins wanted more than to protect her, and their touch was like the heat of a dragon’s breath on her skin. Iarl and Skard was a package deal and in between learning of a world no one would believe existed. Daphne wondered if she was woman to be loved in more ways than one, by a dragon pair.



  1. DeAnna

    I very much enjoyed this paladin dragons series, but I’m wondering when is the final book going to be ready. I would seriously love to know or get an update in regards to the series finale, it was like my 1st read from your books.

    • admin

      That will be late spring early summer. Other deadlines came in before this but trust me the last book is in the works!

  2. admin

    It has been a long 2020 and 21 with the pandemic and all the chais that was caused. At dragon’s End will be released in 2021. With so many changes, deadlines have be pushed back and I had to accommodate new projects as well. Please know it will be released as soon as i can. I am playing catch up with all things. Cheers. ~D~

  3. A

    Hi. I enjoyed reading this book. I tried looking for the final book. If it has not been released, will it be release be in coming months?

    • admin

      Hello, it shall be out by the end of the year, I hope!! we’ve had so much delays since Covid, we are still trying to catch up. Thank you for waiting for Geraer story!

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