Alastair (Bacchus Hill Boys)


Bacchus Hill…
Alastair grew up on those streets, played soccer on the Golden Mile, and did a lot of other things that would make his Da box his ears and his Ma blush. Still, that neighborhood thrived under his family’s name and since his father died, he did the same thing that had been done for generations. He took care of the people in Bacchus Hill and that included her, their new resident, Eden King. His dolt of a cousin caused her a scare, and when he met her, Alastair’s world shifted.

Eden was gorgeous, she was a spark that ignited his soul, but the big hurdle was a stark reality. He was fifty years old and she was sixteen years his junior, the same age as his oldest son. Trying to deny his attraction, only made it worse and Alastair seemed to gravitate toward his Eden… his desire. Would his sons accept Eden and that he needed her in his life? Did he look like a fool with a crush on someone so young? And who was trying to use her to destroy him and his family name?


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