Black Magic Seduction


The things men do to make women cry. Tricia Solomon thought those words as she mixed a new spell for a customer whose husband proved what kind of bastards were out there. As a witch she had no problem dealing with black magic to dispense a little justice. The line between good and evil was a nice gray to her, and who cared if she gave a guy a little just desert. Someone noticed her actions it seemed. The devil’s own court saw her as a potential candidate for a new position deep in hell and sent their beloved Jaidon to convince her to join. The first meeting was magnetic, and Tricia found herself in the arms of a man who used his power for the devil. With a sultry smile and sexy curves, Tricia had a few tricks up her sleeves as well. There was no way she would be following him to hell. But it was her every intention for him to stay with her topside. Passion between a witch and a demon only prove–naughty girls need love too.

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