Blue Collar Baby


Ballerina shoes, tiaras and fairy wings, next to his old dusty work boots by the door. Vale Williams envisioned that picture, resigned himself to that fact and smiled thinking about it. He was made guardian of his brother’s daughter when she was the young age of six weeks old. Now his life revolved around the sweet little girl he called ‘Baby Bee.’ Both Gordon and his wife Pree had been killed in a tragic accident and he had to find a new normal without his only sibling and as a single dad. This wasn’t by choice that he be alone, the parents had left another guardian for Isla and it was meant to be Pree’s cousin Noelle. Instead of her taking up the role of guardian as he did, Noelle ran off to a modeling shoot, because her life was apparently more important.

Six months later, she was back, on his doorstep with apologies and asking for his forgiveness? What did she expect was going to happen, that they would end up living together and raising Isla as co-parents while he longed for her? That’s exactly what took place, and while Vale didn’t want to love her, there was a burning desire to take her in his arms and make Noelle his. His every waking thought and dream was of her, Damn… he needed her like drawing in the next breath to survive. He and Noelle sparked like a flame on a match, in jealousy, anger or passion, now Isla bound them together. Would Vale finally give into the feelings he had from the first time he met Noelle or would they live together, but still have separate lives?


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