Chance Of A Lifetime


He walked into the posh restaurant like he owned the place and completely relaxed in his surroundings. Lean hips in blue jeans, wearing dusty cowboy boots and a black Stetson on his head. Chance Niven stepped into her world and took her on a whirlwind adventure that never let Desiree Paget go. She left the catwalk of New York behind and stepped into the country life on a ranch in Montana and decided never to look back.

With a sexy cowboy at her side who kissed her senseless and saw past the glitz and glamour to the real woman underneath, Desiree reveled in the passion he awakened when he touched her and the excitement of a life she never knew existed. When her old life rears its ugly head and thrusts Chance into a world he never wanted, will what she has found be taking away when the limelight comes a calling and the flash of a camera goes off?



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