Christmas Three


It’s Christmas in Cormina Louisiana and Tempest is planning a quiet holiday at home with her shifter mates, Alex and Dominic. Presents are wrapped under the Tree and the house smells like fresh cut pine. She was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner on Christmas Eve when a knock makes her step away from her task. Maybe she should’ve let one of the men answer because trouble always seem to come at to their door. When a pregnant shifter begs for sanctuary from the Arcadia pack.Tempest says yes immediately not knowing the firestorm she started.

By accepting she took the role of the pack Beta that means that Vernon the leader of the clan can claim her as a mate. Tempest refuses to be the mate to anyone except the men she loves especially with someone as cruel and evil as the Arcadia pack leader. Dominic and Alex will fight to keep her even though being a pack leader was not what they wanted in their lives. But to hold on to Tempest, the woman they loved, both men knew they would fight and win.



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