Christmas With A Scoundrel


Tyne Sweeten found herself on the wrong side of the boss’s desk being fired just before Christmas. With no other choice, she went home with her meager desk possessions and no clue of what to do next. Ronan Tate was known for being a shark of a businessman and a rogue with the cream of New York socialites. Now he was at her apartment apologizing for firing her and making an offer she would be crazy to refuse. Spend Christmas with him in his mansion, a new job, and it seemed, a new life. Tyne jumped at the chance, and now instead of the man who was known for being a heart breaker, she found she was with a father who put his son first and lived with rumors swirling around him. Christmas turned out to be more than she expected, especially when they couldn’t deny the attraction between them. Ronan was not the scoundrel with a trail of hearts in his wake, but that didn’t mean hers wouldn’t be broken even though she tried not to fall in love.



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