Combat Christmas Book One


Seven months of non-stop tensions in a war zone can take its toll on anyone. Friendships were formed, people were lost and in the forward operating base named Camp Draco. Army, Marines, Canadian and British military shared a home away from home. The one bright spot for Army Doctor, Major Zoe Owens has been the rough around the edges Marine, Gunnery Sergeant Dante Garzon. He made her want to let her hair down and get kissed in the way she’d been fantasizing about. Since his arrival, her attraction had grown, but shyness prevents her from even talking to the man.

Christmas Season has kicked off. Decorations hung everywhere and with a shot or four of whiskey for courage, Zoe decides to find out if the Gunny felt the same way. And boy does he ever! One toe-curling kiss kicked off a series of fiery encounters that offered the promise of forever. Unfortunately Christmas can’t last until they’re both back stateside and soon they’d be separated for several months. Zoe can’t help but wonder if what they’ve found can survive the thousands of miles till she’s home.



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