Father Figure


Ethan Tremaine felt like he was sucker punched from the grave when his grandfather’s will was read. Find a wife and have a baby within a year. If not, he will lose his inheritance. Being known as a playboy in the media meant he could pick any model or starlet he wanted, but any woman wasn’t an option. The right person to love was what he needed and looked for. He wanted what his parents had before his mother passed and his father married his bitchy stepmother. When his assistant Mya Spencer walked in and quit because she was pregnant and wanted to start her own business, Ethan saw the perfect opportunity to have his cake and eat it too. He always had a thing for the sexy, serious woman who guarded his office doors like a mamma lion. Being with her and raising her baby as his own seemed like the perfect solution to his problem. Building a relationship was one thing. Doing it in the public eye was different. Between his reputation and the cameras, there was his stepmother and the baby’s father all trying to ruin what he and Mya were building. They wanted money, and all he wanted was a family. Would his playboy persona cause him to los the woman he loved?



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