Flights of Fancy


Jonathan Cavanaugh fell off a ladder after hearing a sexy conversation with him as the star. He looked up to see the woman of his naughty dreams, Fancy McKee. Fancy owned and ran Fantasy Cakes an erotic bakery that was the only one of its kind in Merry, North Carolina. From the time Jonathan met this gorgeous woman he had the urge to sample her lips like one of the cakes she made. When she decided to take care of him after his fall, he saw it as the perfect opportunity to make his move. He’d heard the rumors and saw the look and comments the people of Merry gave her. Jonathan didn’t care about her past. He grew up in this town and knew half of what was said was lies built on a shred of truth. There was more to her than anyone thought, and he relished the idea of finding each new layer. Could the new love they found survive the stigma of a small town mentality?



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