Handcuffed And Bared


Being a cop in New York is one thing. Being a thick black woman meant she was teased even more. Waking up with dirt under her fingernails and having wild sex dreams only made things worse. With her libido out of control she didn’t know if she had some weird illness or losing her mind. When Derrick shows up in her world claiming she wasn’t completely human and they are mates it’s more than she can take. Calgon cannot take her away from this type of madness. He incited a heat in her from just one kiss that threatens to burn her world down. After witnessing an incident that shakes her worldview she can’t deny what Derrick is telling her but mates? That’s a bridge too far. Can she accept everything Derrick as to offer or will she run away?

From the moment Derrick scented her in the woods he knew he’d found his mate. Despite the noise and crowds he refused to let her push him away. He can’t believe someone as sexy and brave could doubt herself so badly; especially when it comes to her sex appeal. He’s willing to help teach her all about this new world she’s been shoved into and all the pleasurable ways that can help control her mating heat. But will she let him? Can he help her overcome her doubts before it’s too late?




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