Handle With Care


She went from being Tawny the model to Tricia Turner, the pregnant single mother escaping a bad relationship. Back in New Orleans after a rescue from her friends and the handsome Dr. Ben Allary, Tricia tried to rebuild her life with a new set of goals. Being a mother was her first priority, but after she saw a side of the good doctor in Greece that surprised everyone. Tricia wondered if she should give the spark between she and Ben some fuel. After a few missteps and a bit of an over reaction by her, Ben solved the uncertainty between them with a kiss that made her melt. Being pregnant meant her life changed forever and in her opinion for the better. But then there was the baby’s father who wasn’t going to let go that easy. If he couldn’t reach through the walls of protection Ben ad those she loved surrounded her with. What would he try to destroy her life?

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