His Highland Queen


A palace couldn’t hold her or her fierce personality. Even the most favored of Queen Adelaide could cross a line. When she did so, Bridget Yearwood was sent back to the island from where she was taken long ago. With the sands beneath her feet, she built her fortune answering to no one and became a queen in her own right. With the men of industry wanting to control or destroy her, Bridget thought she could handle it all herself. That was until Laird Finlay Davidson came to the shores of her island home. He vowed to protect her even from herself, and that meant Bridget waking up in his bed on his ship and married no less. The Laird of Clan Dhai and of the Whitewolf, looked at her with love in his eyes and passion in his kiss. But could Bridget believe anything about him, when she learned of his true intentions?


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