Latin Billionaires


The Billionaire’s Baby – Adira Potts saved every last penny from her retail job in London for one purpose only: to take her dream trip to New York City come true. The city stunned her, and she loved everything she saw. But in her unusual tendency of getting lost, she found herself unable to find her hotel. She firmed her shoulders and asked the first person she met for directions. Who knew it would be Favian Rivera, a devilishly handsome retired Marine and businessman? From their first meeting, there was a spark between them.

Although Adira was accustomed to the role of the mousy wallflower, when Favian asked her out to dinner she gave into impulse and said yes. Over dinner his voice and the sexy things he said to her in Spanish made her breathless and led to a night of passion that left her reeling. The morning after was filled with regrets after lies were whispered in her ear, and she fled not only his home but the trip she had so carefully saved for. Her one night of bliss led to another consequence: Adira was pregnant and had resigned herself to raising the baby alone. But when Favian ended up on her doorstep to whisk her back to New York, she was amazed and secretly thrilled. A happily ever after might be hard to find especially when roadblocks were to be found with every step they took. Adira began to wonder if trying to make it work with the man she loved was worth it or should she just take her child and travel back across the pond with a broken heart?

A Taste of Remy – If in two years we’re both not hitched, we’ll get together and make a little us. Remy Sanchez recalled the words from their conversation not so long ago. He and Lynette Bridges made that promise in London in front of his closest friends. But after the almost-tragedy that Favian and Adira suffered, Remy saw his life altered. He didn’t want to wait two years. The one kiss they shared was always on his mind. Lynette and her quirky fun nature kept him on his toes. Remy knew in the months that passed, she’d stolen his heart. He wanted a home and family with her. Over dinner, he told her how he felt, and Lynette agreed that they should take their relationship to the next level. Who knew two intelligent minds could create so much heat between the sheets? Two months later, Lynette was pregnant, they were living together, and life was blissful. But the past was sneaking up on them faster than Remy expected. He wasn’t always the nicest guy.

He sometimes used his brawn instead of his brain. Lola, a girl from the old neighborhood, was causing trouble, and when a bullet catches Lynette in the shoulder, reality came screaming in. When Lynette broke up with him and went back to London, Remy saw the life he wanted and the woman he loved being taken away. Could he finally let sleeping dogs lie for good and reclaim his family and be in his child’s life? Remy was certain of one thing: he’d fight until his last breath for that which he coveted most.

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