Lola and the Four Calling Byrds


An impulsive wish leads to pleasures Lola Reid never dreamed of. Merry Christmas to her, indeed! Lola Reid is known as being tough in a man’s world. She has a reputation that men couldn’t handle.  A bunch of whiners, the lot of them! She may melt like sugar for a man, but he can’t just be ANY man. He has to EARN that luxury before she becomes sweet and submissive. She was a girl from Bedstuy, Brooklyn, grew up to be a powerful woman in a corner office. So, she wasn’t backing down for anyone. Too bad her family treats her like a cash cow and shows her so much disdain. From a brother who always calls her for cash to a family that berates her for not conforming to their way of thinking she’s already to be done with this year.

She needs an escape and fast. Lola will not be spending yet another holiday avoiding her friends and family or with just her toys for company. Thanks to her awesome secretary and some quick planning she’s headed to the Catskills for some needed pampering. And when the New Year rolls in she would return to the city refreshed and ready to kick down more fragile male egos and conquer the world of investment finance. But the holidays have a surprise in store for her. After a wish, uttered right before heading to bed she wakes up to the hottest man she’s ever seen. And she’s seen some hot guys. What…The… Fuck. The explanation; he and his brothers are there to please her and fulfill her every fantasy. If this is a dream, Lola doesn’t need or want to wake up. This Christmas she is diving into sensual decadence headfirst.



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