Love Binds Us All


The Preacher’s Son– Caleb McMullen had it all, a successful law practice and the prestige of being the golden boy of small town Jasper, Tennessee. Being the son of the preacher man meant that everyone looked to him to be the good guy. He was supposed to marry the sweet prim and proper apple pie girl. He didn’t want to be that guy, and no matter how many times he tried to break out of the mold people managed to drag him back in. The only thing that kept him sane was spending time with Angelica Edwards. Everyone called her Angel. She was a spicy temptress who managed a club in Georgia. Even though they were from two different worlds, when he was with her, his life felt full and happy. She was one hell of a dancer and her kisses were sugary sin. But when Angel showed up in Jasper to let him know he’d be a father, it turned the town on its ear. With her spicy I don’t give a fuck attitude and sleeve tattoo, she was the last person his mother wanted him to marry, let alone have a child with. But Angel gave him a choice—be the man they both wanted or the man everyone expected him to be. One would give him the happiness he desired and the other would drive her away. To him, the answer was easy, but that didn’t mean that the road to happiness was peaches and cream. It was littered with obstacles they would have to face.

Our Lovely Baby Bump – John Greyward looked forward to work every night. Since Angel became a mom and got married to Caleb. He had the pleasure of now running The Pyramid club with their third partner Charlie Jordan. Charlie carried herself with quiet beauty and she was a knack with numbers while he ran the floor. But after the doors closed and quiet reigned all he wanted to do was to kiss the sexy brown goddess with the blond streaks in her hair. John got knocked for a loop when Charlie asked him a question that would change both their lives. Be the father of the baby she desperately wanted before she lost the chance completely. John was already falling hard for the woman he called a friend, so the choice was easy to say yes. While she wanted a baby, John wanted the whole package including the woman who carried his child. But what he wanted may not be even a consideration with Charlie. She had her reasons for choosing to be a single mother and John found out quickly that there was much more her than he knew. If John was anything, he was determined and planned to knock down every obstacle Charlie put in his way.

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