Love Happens in Westerly “Book 1 & 2


I Think We’re Alone Now
A city boy born and bred, Dr. Ray Solomon is used to living life large. So naturally fate would decide to pull an ironic twist and land Ray as the resident doc in Westerly, North Carolina—the smallest town on earth. According to the locals, Westerly’s biggest claim to fame is a mysterious and mystical geological anomaly that spells imminent love for anyone who enters the town limits. Sounds like they’ve all been drinking way too much margaritas, but when you live in a one-horse town permanently stuck in a time warp you’ve gotta find something to amuse yourself. And no joke on the time warp thing. Seriously, it’ll be a damn miracle if his car doesn’t transform into a DeLorean. Working at the postage-stamp-sized Veteran’s Hospital is a challenge, but the biggest test of all? Keeping his hands and thoughts to himself when it comes to Fayth Collins—the sexy nurse with soft chocolate eyes and a body made for all things fantasy. Especially his.

Eclipse of The Heart
Full moon. Werewolf Sighting. Alien Abductions. Check. Check. Check. And double Check. Nope none of those things explains why Westerly the town Nicole loves has gone crazy and the love nexus is still going strong. At least she has the oasis of her little flower shop or so she thought. When Abel Stallings comes around and looks at her with those gorgeous blue-gray eyes he seems to see straight into her soul which short circuits her brain and suddenly her feet don’t work, and her words don’t make sense. What could a hunk like Abel see in someone who isn’t a super model or one of the fashionably put together types that lives in Los Angeles? What could he possibly see in a small-town girl? But when he kisses her whew! Her resolve crumbles and she wants to jump into the nexus headfirst.



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