Loves Eternal Bite


Five hundred years is a long time to yearn for death. Well, Christopher Demonte does. Being a vampire has worn on him until he meets Alana James, a shy, sexy witch who practices green magic in New Orleans. For the first time in five hundred years, Christopher passed on his curse of immortality to save her life. Now he must teach her how to survive even if she doesn’t want his gift. The gift of immortality comes with a power none of them could imagine. But someone else knows and covets her for her power and as revenge against Christopher-his sire who has made a pact with an unknown evil. He wants Christopher to suffer and the world to sink in death and blood. Now Christopher and Alana are in a race for their lives from Mason and his evil minions. They run from the streets of New Orleans to the lush paradise of St. Lucia. With passion and devotion these two immortal souls must fight for a world which does not know they exist, and hope their love can be their eternal salvation.

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