My Daddy Is A Hero (Book 4)


Captain Simon Brevard loved the Air Force and flying fighter jets, until his world was turned upside down. His sister and her husband were killed in a car accident, and now he was the guardian to his one year old niece, Emma. Without a question, he accepted the role to being her father and changed his life completely. While dealing with the grief of losing the only family he had, he was determined to make sure that Emma would lack for nothing, including love. So now he was living on a small farm in Indian Springs, Nevada, and instead of flying he was teaching. In the midst of all the changes in his life, there was Leila Hayes, Emma’s pediatrician and his sister’s close friend. Together they shared the sadness of loss and found the first strands of love. Simon never knew love before he met Leila, and when he finds out the secret that she kept, it could join them together as a family or break them apart.



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