My Daddy Is A Hero (Book 5)


Lieutenant Commander Chase Latos was one of the elite in the Air Force Pararescue Unit or the PJs. Through combat they flew missions to rescue both military personnel and civilian casualties bringing them to safety. His job fed his love of country and the honor that was instilled within him, but his fifteen-month-old daughter Ava was his life. Everything he did he did for her and since the death of her mother Amber, he was all she had. Until one night there was a knock on the door and on the other side was Amber’s bestfriend, Violet White. The gorgeous ebony socialite had no clue about her friend’s death. Chase was drawn to her and the attraction was sealed with the first kiss they shared. Violet was the jetsetter the adventuress who never stayed in one place for long. How could she be the perfect fit for them when she had no clue about military life or babies for that matter? There was more at stake than his need and the passion they shared, there was Ava.



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