My True Love Gave To Me


Who knew a small town paralegal in Texas would ever end up having the night of her life with a man like Jacob Kosuke Sato? But yet Eden Kinsley found herself on an impromptu date after meeting him on a night out with her bestfriend. The chemistry was instant, her mind screamed no yet her lips said yes. She should’ve listened to her instincts, because she would never be accepted into his family. His mother made sure to let Eden she was not part of the plans that was designed for her son and that Jacob was already engaged. With a broken heart but her head lifted in pride, Eden slipped out of his world, never revealing the news about the child that was now nestled within her. They would be fine alone.

Jacob Kosuke Sato, fell for a woman and he fell hard, then one day she just disappeared. After finding out his mother’s deception and how she chased Eden away, his anger burned hot. His mother wanted him to follow tradition and her demands for being a son of the Sato family. And while he had a foot in both worlds, her plans were not his. Using his resources, he found Eden, now living in Arizona and… a child? Eden was hurt, betrayed and she claimed that the baby wasn’t his. But the eyes don’t lie, and Jacob knew with his heart and soul Seraphina was his. With the holidays not too far away, Jacob uproots his whole life for the child he never knew he had and the woman he loved. The Sato men were known to be stubborn and he intended the by Christmas their perfect gift would be the trio as a family.


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