Never Forget Paris by Billie Arsceneaux


Davida Christian thought she had the perfect opportunity when she got accepted for a job at a school in Paris. Being an English teacher in the most romantic city in the world, enjoying the art and the years of culture. Who could pass up an opportunity like that? Until one night she was snatched from the streets on her way home. Davida saw a part of Paris no one ever wanted to see. The catacombs beneath the Paris streets where skulls lined the walls and you could be lost forever. She barely managed to escape with her life and with very little memory of who took her. But a man who never wanted to be identified now hunted her and have his secrets exposed.

Detective Jeremy Baer was assigned to protect her, a cop fluent in French and trained by Interpol. He was the one who would to to tap into her lost memories and find her assailant. She never expected to be attracted to the somber man who struck her as the strong silent type. He promised to keep her safe and the person who haunted her dream in the shadows at bay. She knew that there were others like her who were trapped and some who didn’t escape. Davida didn’t want to go back there, didn’t want to face the things she forgot. In the catacombs of Paris no one could hear you scream, no one would hear you die.



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