Ophelia’s Embrace


Ophelia Pascal thought she would lead a life of adventure when she left Paris. Instead she ended up as a teacher at a school outside Quebec in a small town named Kamouraska. They weren’t many people or women of her color in Canada in the early 1899. There were no laws centered against being black and she didn’t have to fear for her life. Instead she settled into a routine where she worked with the children of farmers and fishermen while the night gave her adventures life within the books, she wrote under a secret pen name. One day these dreams would be her reality or so she hoped. Destiny had other plans for her in the form of Euan Campbell when he rode into town.

His tales of travel and intriguing exploits were made all the more enticing by the Scottish brogue that emitted from his lips. Passion built between them and while many women wanted his affection, Euan wanted her. Another surprise was in store for them both, an unexpected pregnancy made the situation more complicated. Unlike her stories, a happy ending might be derailed because a woman with dark skin was good enough to teach but take one of the most eligible men in the area? Some vowed it would never happen. Ophelia choices were few, trust the man that called her ‘his heart’ and the life of their child he vowed to protect? Or run and let those who wanted her gone… win.


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