Outlaw’s Delight


When he was a lawman Simon Boothe thought of justice like a best friend that would never do him wrong–until he was on the wrong side of the law for a crime that he didn’t commit. To clear his name he had to become one of the men he apprehended, an outlaw living on the outside of a society he once protected. The only place he could go was the one place not even the Pinkerton’s dare tread, Dessert Gulch nestled in the Santa Fe mountains. There he found Delight Blue, an ebony goddess who ran the Copperhead Bar. Her eyes held as much fire as the gun she carried on her hip, and he tasted the passion when he kissed her lips. They joined forces to bring down the man who had done them both wrong. All the while the desire that simmered between them became an uncontrollable fire. Simon knew that one way or the other their fate was irrevocably entwined. Come hell or high water, he intended that afte

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