Paradise Found


Kelly runs in the park three nights a week as she has always done since moving to lovely Charlotte NC, but this time she sees something she shouldn’t–a maniac who is posing his latest victim. He thinks that he is going to be immortal and he must accomplish this by taking the heart of women. He has done it before and now since Kelly has seen him, he has decided that she will complete his process. Her heart will be the one to make him a god.

Kelly has stepped into this killer’s line of fire and now she is in danger. The one thing she remembers and passes on to the police, is the killer is a soldier. When Lieutenant T.J. Chapel questions Kelly, they start out on the wrong foot, but soon they are thrown together. The only way he can protect Kelly from a killer who seems to know their every move is to take her to where she grew up, an island in the Caribbean. There in the lush island paradise of Barbados and the crystal blue sea, Kelly and T.J. find passion and love in the midst of danger.

Will Kelly be able to escape the madman’s clutches? Will they be able to find paradise in each other’s arms?



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