Perci Rules The World


By day Percelle Meadows works at the Municipal Archives of New York City. From blueprints to vital statistics, if you need it, she can find it. By night, Perci takes on her persona of social jetsetter and all of her adventures are gobbled up voraciously by her fans. Being a forty something (hey age is just a number!), her life is just beginning all over again. Lovers, champagne and dancing the night away, it was so different than how she was raised, who she was taught to be.

Why shouldn’t she? Who make the rule that dictates a woman’s life at any age? But alas, even this new persona comes with a few bumps in the road. One in the form of Dax McDermott who would never believe what she does by day and the big rock in her path, Chris Grimes who claims he loves her and at her age she should want a commitment. Then there was Morgan, a cop she literally had to look up to and was a new interesting and delicious twist in her world. What should a sweet, sweet Perci do? Well… they could all be damned! The choice would be hers and hers alone! She was Perci and she sure as hell rules her world!


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