Perfect Imperfection


Normalcy. That’s all Kaye yearned for. Was there any man who could look past the birthmark that covered her face to see who she really was? Tired of hiding. Tired of the makeup. Tired of being judged by shallow superficial men she had almost given up on love. Until Aros. He called her exquisite. His kisses made butterflies dance in her stomach. For the first time in her life Kaye felt seen. Until she saw his true form. A form that made her want to run in hide. People that could shift into dragons? Another world? Crazy talk. Myths. Legends. Fairy tales from books. And yet it was all real.


And then he dropped another bombshell on her; she was a part of this new world. A world that mirrored the reality she had come to think of as hers. And on top of all that she was the key to his throne and saving his people. All she had to do was accept what he was offering her; eternal love and adoration. No more judgments or rejection. But could she handle the burden he was placing on her shoulders? Did she truly believe this beyond fantastical man when he told her she was the one person his heart longed for; his mate? Did she dare accept this new truth? Did she dare to embrace her destiny and him?


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