Role Play


High above New York City in one of the expensive penthouses that gleamed in the night, one club caters to the elite of the city, and no one knows it’s there. Until its owner and hostess is found dead and it’s proven someone is bent on dealing out their own brand of vengeance. With a very private list stolen from the first victim’s desk, the killer seeks out others who that has deemed soiled, and their lives are for the taking. Sonia Risen’s name is on that list, and when she sees two of her friends die and almost loses her own life, it became quite clear the police can’t help her. She’s standing on the edge of a very deadly sword. Retired cop Aiden O’Neil may be the only thing that stands between her and certain death. Aiden is a man of few words and even less personality in Sonia’s opinion, but she needs him. In the end, both their lives are at stake.

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