S.W.A.T Chronicles Book 1 & 2



Sade Padgett crooned at the Silver Note nightclub in New York when she wasn’t working on her doctorate in Physics. She loved her double life. By day, she spent her time in a lab. By night, she let her hair down and became sexy, sultry and every man’s fantasy. Who knew a crazed fan would jeopardize her life and the job she loved? She soon found herself under the protection of Dahy McGwire and Liam Roarke, two of New York’s finest and part of the S.W.A.T Unit. Her life was now in their hands, and with the sparks that flew between her and the best friends, they soon wanted to do a bit more than just protective detail. Presented with the opportunity to be with the two sexy cops, Sade chose to be frisked from head to toe and maybe even resist a few times so their strong arms could restrain her so she could feel every ounce of pleasure they had to offer. It seemed escaping a madman was going to be the easy part, but when danger comes calling, losing Dahy and Liam may be the one thing her heart can’t endure.


One Tough Cop

Maxwell Kincaid had worked in the NYPD long enough that most things didn’t surprise him anymore. The detective, who preferred to work alone, admitted to himself long ago that he was jaded. So when he was called out to a hostage situation at a women’s shelter in the middle of the night it was another job that kept him out of his warm bed. He heard the sobs behind the maniacal screaming of the hostage taker and the woman begging for help pleading for the life of her unborn child that fell on deaf ears. This struck a chord in him and Max was determined to save everyone, to save her. In the midst of the chaos, after storming the house, Max delivered the baby of Nicole Henry. From the time he looked into Nicole’s eyes and the face of the newborn, something shifted in his life. He wanted to show her that every man wasn’t cruel and used their hands to abuse. Max was never one to believe in love at first sight but the feeling hit him like a lightning bolt. Nicole and the baby needed tender loving.


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