S.W.A.T. Chronicles – My Kryptonite


When he got shot on the job she was by his side every step of the way. To the NYPD they were, Officers Stone and Duncan, in patrol car three-twelve and he trusted her with his life. But as Joe healed she had become so much more and while he tried to hide his feelings. It was becoming harder not to kiss Flora senseless and break every rule in the book about fraternization on the job. With an undercover sting in play, they were center stage in the operation. On loan and undercover with the drug task force, Joe finally gave into temptation. In each other’s arms they’d forged a bond deeper than just being partners. Joe wanted to protect her and Flora just wanted to prove she is a damn good cop. To him that wasn’t the issue because he’s always known that she can handle herself and have his back. His feelings went past attraction and if anything happened to her, Joe knows it would be his downfall. Flora had become his kryptonite.

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