Saul: Bacchus Hill Boys


Saul Bacchus was his father’s right hand man and he was called ‘the hammer’ because he didn’t take well to shite happening around him. When his father needed something done and done well, it was Saul he sent. That’s why he was in Japan, some one thought it wise to embezzle from Bacchus Enterprises and they’d face the repercussions for doing it. That’s where he met Indigo Cantrell, a ballet dancer in more than a bit of trouble, and no where to go. He wasn’t the type of man to see a woman in tears sitting on the steps of a Bacchus club without helping her.

Taking Indigo back to Edinburgh with him seemed like the simplest option and they could go from there. Saul didn’t know the attraction would burn so fast and hard between them, or falling in love would hit like the namesake he was dubbed on the hill. When the man who wanted Indigo had the gall to try to come get her, in Bacchus stomping ground no less. He would understand why Saul was called the hammer, in the most painful of ways. To protect the woman, he’d fallen in love with, Saul would crumble anyone who came for Indigo, from stone to dust.


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