Say Yes


One fateful night, she was sent away in a carriage from Duchess Carrington’s house. Not because of something she did, but because she was coveted by the duke, who took women to his bed at every turn. The duchess sent her off to protect her from a man whose appetites would use her up until there was nothing left. She’d been taken from the West Indies as a child, and that house was the only home she knew. Now Kaila Badaeu would be the ward of Lord Garrick Hadley, and he would ensure her safety and her innocence. She didn’t expect that she would be drawn to Lord Garrick like a moth to the flames. The intensity of his eyes and one smoldering kiss caused desire and passion to burst forth from them both. How could she understand the feeling he brought out from somewhere deep inside her when she’d never been kissed? But even in her innocence, Kaila knew it was the ecstasy of his every touch that she craved.



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