Say You Love Me (Men Of Spectre Book 1)


The government took them as boys and made them men, used them up and spit them out. Then expected them to walk around with ‘veteran’ on their hats and to fall into obscurity. The all had the skills few could only dream about, but they weren’t supposed to use. Wrong, that’s how M. O.S got started, and how their members were ranked. Now these men and women handled things their way when the law was absolute bullshit. They wanted them to be ghosts, they got them.

Reaper… that was his name and the symbol on his patch and how the people he now called family addressed him. He was the enforcer for M.O.S and when people needed to bleed, well he was there. Only a few people know his real name and she was one of them. Katia Lucia, a fiery Latina with Brazilian heritage. God made those curved and the devil put fire in her blood. They were like unstable nitro and an open flame. Any time he called up her image to his mind, his walked around aching for his Katia. Two bullheaded people fighting in a battle neither would win, until she called. Katia was too damn pigheaded to ask for help, but by her voice…yeah there was trouble. Rafe better give him permission to leave, not that he needed it anyway. Come hell or high water he was going to Katia. This time when he demanded, say you love me, she would say the words he needed to hear.

*** Trigger Warning*** This book contains emotional scenes dealing with child loss/ stillbirth/ angel baby. Sensitively written but please read at your own discretion if this maybe to hard for some readers. Thank you.


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