Scaredy Kat


Sometimes it’s hard being a witch. Katrina Julio, fondly nicknamed Kat, sees herself as a mousy woman who is more into books and spells than looking for love. After another Halloween season comes around, and she goes to another party alone, Kat is fed up. She goes home and conjures a spell to find her true love. Who knew what summoning the magic would bring right to her door.

In another realm, Gareth is in a fight for his life. He is the Warlock of Herion, and his world has been taken over by Genesis who has stolen the “Gem of Chale.” Gareth was about to be destroyed when heard a soft voice repeating the words of a love spell. He finds himself being pulled through time and ends up on Kat’s living room floor.

Now Kat must learn to channel the power that is buried within her to help save Gareth–a man who has stolen her heart–and help him save his world! Love traveled through time to join them. Will it survive what is to come?



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