Seducing Santa


Being an immortal and oh yes Santa Claus had its perks. But sometimes the monotony of it could become tedious. Every year, Nicholas Kringle portrayed his guise for human children at Christmas time, but this year it wasn’t the same. He was burned out and needed a change. He wanted excitement. He wanted to play! What better way than to spend a few days relaxing on a beach in the Caribbean? He didn’t expect to see an exotic island girl wade out of the surf, and he didn’t expect his heart to jump in his chest when she stared into his eyes. There was much more to Neeva Monroe other than her beauty. There was a sadness that Nicholas longed to cure, and from their first kiss, Nicholas knew she would be his. She didn’t believe in him being Santa Claus, but he was determined to prove to her that magic exists, and his love would last longer than a lifetime.



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