Skirting The Law


Rosalie Jasmine Domino or R.J picked the job her father hated and her mother worried over constantly. She was banned from being a cop like her dad, so instead she became a P.I. with a knack for finding missing people. Her father being a retired Lieutenant with the NYPD gave her a distinct advantage of having contacts in the police department, one being her longtime friend Detective Sean Gilead. One night after she was caught in a particularly dangerous situation, their relationship changed. After yelling at her and arresting her, Sean ended up kissing her till her senses swam and showed R.J. his true feelings. She had two choices–pretend it never happened or succumb to the feelings that he brought to the surface. Could they go from being friends to lovers, or would giving in to the heated kisses and passion lead to them both having shattered hearts?



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