Solstice of Death


The winter in New York was a cold wet and messy, not a wonderland for New Yorkers unless you were a diehard city goer. But for tourist well New York was a mecca. For Detective Renaud Slade, it started the season of the crazy. He had no for it, tourists getting pickpocketed and sometimes worse… it just sucked royally. Chris was on his honeymoon in the Hawaii and Ren was working alone. When the first murder happened in Rockefeller Center he thought it was just another routine job. Then a second happened and a third all in different high tourist locations.

Ren knew this wasn’t winter depression, a SADD lamp couldn’t fix this. The killer was finding a sick thrill in each victim. Not only was his city under siege, now he was partnered up with a criminal profiler who knew more about books than she did people. Lisa Fable was sexy as hell in those glasses and sensible shoes. Ren wanted to kiss her until her sense of logic was melted into the floor. In between attraction and murder. They needed to find the killer fast in the throngs of potential victims who descended on the city each year. Ren had the sinking suspicion that their killer had an end game, that didn’t include being caught.



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