Sweet Christmas Surrender


Christine Chapel met Wesley Kent in a coffee shop, and their attraction snowballed into a whirlwind relationship. She was the daughter of the richest man in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and he was just a Sergeant in the Air Force. That didn’t mean a thing, because nothing felt as perfect when she was in his arms. The final day before he left for his nine-month tour, Wes slipped a ring on her finger and vowed he was coming back. He left her with another gift. Christine was pregnant from the man she loved. Her not-so-nice father was breathing down her neck, since he had promised his shady business partner she’d marry him, with or without her consent. If he found out she was pregnant God knew what he’d do, so Christine had no other choice but to run, to have her baby in safety, all the while dreaming about Wes and praying he came home safe.

For the holidays he’d met the woman of his dreams, and while Christine hid in fear, her man was on his way. Wes was back, and mad as hell that her father made her run. He was about to tear New Mexico apart to find her, and his plan was to take down everyone in his path, including her father. Nothing was going to keep him from the woman he loved and being there for the birth of his child.



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