Take Me Higher


Haven Daniels fought for years to be on the top of the reporting game, and now the story of a lifetime was hers. There was only one small hitch. Someone didn’t want it to make the papers and attempted to kill her to silence her words. There was only one thing she could do, only one place she could run, and Haven didn’t think that she would be welcome. Niall Owens asked her to marry him while he was in the navy, and she said no. Now he was one of the best rock climbers in the country and worked for the Rescue Service in Yellowstone Park. Haven knew that even if he didn’t like her, he would protect her. She didn’t expect to have all of those old feelings resurface. Haven found out she still loved Niall and his fierce passion. But this time he might be the one to send her away.

The first time in five years since he saw Haven, and she was hurt off the side of a cliff. Then she was asking for his help. The love that he buried for her punched him like a fist to the gut but he tried to rein it in while he tried to keep her alive. It didn’t mean that the kiss they shared didn’t burn through him like a wildfire in the park he knew like the back of his hand. Niall wasn’t willing to put his heart back in her hands, since she crushed it the first time. Instead he would help Haven and then send her away. But as time passed, it seemed that was easier said than done.



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