Taken by Storm


Like the fierce winds of a storm, Callie was wept away by passion in Devin’s arms.

In the midst of a category five hurricane that pummeled the coast of Florida, Calliope LaRue sent out a distress call from her small hotel. Help came in uniform and his name was Devin McKay. Unfortunately by the time he arrived the roads were blocked or flooded and they had no choice but to hunker down as the hurricane roared outside. To Callie, Devin was mesmerizing and as he vowed to keep her safe from the hurricane outside a fierce need grew until they couldn’t control where desire took them.

Inside they could hear the winds batter the walls of the hotel but nothing compared to the insatiable need that their attraction created. When the angry clouds are gone and blue skies once again reigned over the Florida Keys. Callie wondered if the relationship they formed in the midst of danger would be solid and could stand the test if time?



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