Tempest The Wolf


One year later and Tempest is thriving and completely in love with her mates. Life is good, and the Cormina pack is flourishing under Alex and Dom’s leadership. The underlying factor of her dream is still bothering her, and the vision keeps coming and getting stronger. Why was she running? Why did she feel that gut-wrenching fear, and why were her men not talking? Each time they avoided her questions, and Tempest has had enough. She needed the truth, and she needed it now. Snuggled between her men, she has another vision, and it sends her running like the very night she met Dominic and Alex. They find her in the forest with a bite to her shoulder, and the look on their faces tells her their worst fears had been realized. Now Tempest is in the fight of her life, one that goes on in her body and may take her soul. She’s becoming a bitten born wolf, and that means Dom and Alex may lose her to a pack of werewolves or even worse, the Guardians. But even on this twisted path of her life, nothing goes as expected. New revelations leave them all in shock, and two very big secrets are revealed that will change their lives forever.



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