Tempest Boliene was named after the hurricane she was born in twenty-seven years ago to her gypsy family. In Cormina, Louisiana a small town that was close to the swampland with a fragile ecosystem she was known for her visions. In her little house close to the river she was quite content to be in her garden, and she didn’t much care what the small town people said about her. One night in the middle of a fierce storm her visions were brutal, and her second sight showed her a new path that her life was going to take with people she hardly knew. Instinct always told her that Alex Wakefield and Dominic Cross were more than just men, and she tried to stay a healthy distance away. That was going to be difficult now since she saw herself as their mate and her destiny was intertwined with theirs. Her mind’s eyes had shown her that they were meant to be a party of three, and her visions were never wrong.



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