The Bride of Mackenzie Black (Not Just Royals Book 3)


Mackenzie “The Bruiser” Black ran away to get out from under the dark cloud that hung over his life and from his two titled best friends. Growing up as “the boy from the docks” left him with a chip on his shoulder the size of the Cliffs of Dover. He thought a fresh start in Washington, D.C. would allow him to find success on his own and it did. But home kept calling him until he couldn’t ignore it anymore. Between his brother’s troubles and his mother’s illness, he had to return to the place that gave him the greatest, most understanding friends a man could ask for and the hardest times he had ever faced. He thought he could deal with everything and get the hell out of dodge until Nina, Haile’s new tenant above the pub.

With the holidays making him feel nostalgic and dealing with his family issues, trying to keep Nina at arm’s length becomes difficult by the day. Among the Christmas lights and cozy fires, she was a breath a fresh air. Sweet smiles from her led to passionate, heated kisses that could help a man forget old wounds. But he couldn’t stay. Wouldn’t stay. Unfortunately, his past comes call and Nina gets caught in the middle. Mac has no choice but to resurrect The Bruiser once more. When the dust settles will Nina ever gift him with those sweet smiles and heated kisses again or will The Bruiser have destroyed his chance at happiness and any hope of healing his past?


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