The Collette’s: Sola Book 1


Sola Collette’s birthday looms on the horizon in a few weeks and so does her destiny, a fate that is tied in with her sisters. Three girls born of vampires three hundred years ago, whose hearts only made one beat before they lived life as part of the undead. Their destiny is to find the three pieces of the Lazarus Amulet, the most powerful object in the vampire world. Each piece allows the one who wears it to walk in the daylight. When it is combined it has more power than ever possibly imagined. Both human and vampires alike want this treasure and they will go to any lengths to get it from the sisters. Each sister’s quest is to find her piece of the amulet. The amulet can only be destroyed when the pieces are joined together, and each sister has promised to do so.

To keep it would only mean the constant threat to mankind. There is one who covets it most of all, Carthos. He is one of the most ancient of vampires and he sees the amulet. Carthos wants to bring hell on earth. The journey begins with Sola, and the prophecy is written that each sister must find their mate and make this one person into a vampire. It is only then that the couple will find the amulet from the clue they have been given. It will only end when the amulet is joined and destroyed. Sola has found her mate a tough New York cop names Gideon Godspeed. With everyone hunting her and Gideon, will they be successful in their quest? Or will the immortal love they find be blown away in the ashes of their bodies.




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