The Demon On The Left (Belladonna Book One)


Things I can cross off in my very unusual life.
Nephilim: Check
Outcast. Abomination, Not human: Check
Two Lovers ( Not bad): Check
In a s**t load of trouble: Check
Made a shifter friend, I think: Check
Crazy new powers: Check

Born of a forbidden union between an angel and a human. Distrusted in heaven, coveted in hell. Yet both sides want to use her for their own purposes. But Belladonna is no one’s pawn. The supernatural exists and she helps humans to deal with it in any way she can. Those she called friends were few and far between, and her quirky nature of giving everyone she knows pet names could be downright annoying. But Bella loved hard and she didn’t know if it could be counted as a gift or a curse.

It didn’t help that she had a lover from each faction, Sachiel an angel, filled with too much honor, and Ose a sharp-dressing demon who really hates hell. Then there is Dax, the alpha of his pack and God knows what Bella is to do with him. Something powerful in the darkness is rising. Causing ‘unnaturals’ to behave even more strangely and somehow her own powers were showing up at an abnormal rate. This power pulls at her, drawing her closer to it, but heaven and hell are scared. And when both sides are scared it can only mean trouble for Bella and the innocents she’s trying to protect.


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