The Enlightened Kitty


The moonstone is mysterious as the feminine energy that emanates from its cool core. It’s been used in many cultures for its sensual yin energy and its known for its peaceful and balancing effects.

Duami dances in the moonlight and does cartwheels on a summer day damn whoever is watching. She lives by the beat of her own drum that is until a quiet storm named Beau enters her world. Tall, sexy and quiet storms can cause the most devastation. Inviting him to her bed was the easy part, after all a man who sees the open road as his home won’t cramp her style in the least. She won’t beg anyone to stay. Not even a man that can make her body sing and knows how to those big hands of his. Besides her little moonstone toy can keep her company just fine. But sometimes a moonstone toy is just that; a toy and it can’t keep you warm at night or steal your breath away with a look or a word. The universe may always provide but she can’t help but wish it would make Beau stay…just a little longer.

This is one book in The Kitty Chronicles, purchase all seven from participating authors for a sizzling summer read!

The Healing Kitty. The Joyful Kitty, The Lucky Kitty, The Money Kitty, The Creative Kitty and The Mad Kitty.




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