The Heiress and The Cowboy


Kerri Sloan was always on the news, lights and cameras in her face, and she was known as the diamond heiress. Not because of the wealth she’d amassed but because she was cold as the jewels she wore. Now she was on his ranch waving a blank check thinking he’d sell out his dream. Alex Mendoza had two words for the gorgeous woman, and they weren’t, I’ll sell. But she wasn’t giving up, and after one heated discussion at a town hall meeting, he shut her up with a kiss. Alex instantly regretted the kiss because all he could do was think about bedding her each time he saw her. It scared the hell out of him that he might be falling in love.

Kerri took one look at Alex and assessed him as a typical Texas cowboy, which was unfair because she was presumed to be something she wasn’t. She made her wealth, and men hated her for it. So why would he be any different? Then Alex had to kiss her and complicate everything. How could she dislike a man who made her body tremble with just one touch? They had nothing in common and were as combustible as crude oil and an open flame. She could deny it all she wanted, but Kerri craved the heat they created. She knew everything about the boardroom, stocks, and building her empire, and nothing about losing her heart.



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