The Marriage Clause


“Say what now?”

Those were the words that India Newton uttered when she heard what her grandmother had done. One minute her life was great as an artist creating the perfect nurseries for expecting parents. And after one night of extreme pleasure with a man she had known since she was in pigtails, she found out she’d be creating a nursery of her own. She had every intention of raising her baby on her own regardless of if Mikael wanted to be in his child’s life or not. But it seemed her grandmother Etta Armstrong had other plans.

She had arranged India’s marriage since she was five, and it was to none other than Major Mikael Nolan, the man who fathered her unborn child. He was the grandson of her grandmother’s best friend, Bronwyn Nolan, and the two older matchmakers had vowed to see them in wedded bliss. Apparently, the contract was binding, and as they sat across from their respective grandparents who looked smug as could be, India knew she was in trouble. Mikael was no help, especially since he seemed to be gung-ho about the idea of their impending nuptials. He wanted the baby and her in one perfect package. But there was one little snag, his ex-fiancée who wanted him for herself and made no bones about it. She was intent on causing trouble, and she would take it to military court to have her way. Were wedding bells in her future, or would the bells be ringing the sound of doom?

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