The Right Christmas


My perfect Christmas, that was what Zariya Huette was looking for when she headed out of Anchorage to New York City for Christmas. Her company had placed her there for the past three years to head Aphrodite Perfume. What did she get? Sucky Christmas holidays stuck in a place where she didn’t want to be. So when the opportunity to go home for the holidays came around, she jumped at the chance. And while she was there she would beg to be relocated to the city she loved.

Who knew the small plane she was in would crash in the mountains of Alaska. No one would expect the pilot would hike off for help and never come back. Half frozen and exhausted, she stumbled to the door of Patrick Vallen and into his arms. Instead of having her perfect Christmas, she was snowbound in a cabin with the blizzard from hell coming in. But when Patrick kissed her socks off and then sent her out to chop wood, tempers flared, but passion flourished. Zariya may have been in search of the perfect Christmas, but she might end up with the right Christmas. If she doesn’t kill him first…



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