The Wolf


What are you doing in here? Damn, never mind, I lay claim to you.”

Thrudheim was a small town sent in the Rocky Mountains and her new job was there, at least she hoped so. Her realtor was missing in action and she had no other choice but to head towards the green neon sign that stood out in the darkness. As the rain pounded against the roof of the Jagged Edge Bar, ZenzaLee Ellis walked in, unaware of the danger that lurked within and she walked right into it. When Dyre slammed her against the wall, claiming her as his own, she couldn’t deny the raw, sensual energy that coursed through her body. From that moment on, she was his, and he was hers, even though she didn’t realize how deep that bond would go.

His home was more than just a small town, it was a haven, and it seemed their so-called Mayor hired a new teacher without asking his permission. That would be handled, but now Dyre had an outsider to deal with—take care of—whatever. Why did ZenzaLee have to be so damn beautiful and smell so good? The secrets of town, and the mysterious entity that he hunted and the disapproval of his pack, threatened to tear them apart. But the intensity of their desire only grew stronger and with every touch, every kiss, every breath they took together, Dyre knew he could never leave her side. As the darkness closed in around them, he couldn’t help but wonder if his love would be enough to keep her safe. To protect her from the forces that sought to destroy them both, he would give his beast free reign and anyone in his path should be very afraid. Friend or foe.


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